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Sinus Lift Procedure for Dental Implants Placement.

Dr. Goswami at his Full Mouth Dental Implant clinic in Delhi India, wlecome people looking for different bone grafting materials and Sinus Lift – Sinus Augmentation treatment procedures by specialist Dental Implant Dentist, Dental Bone Grafting treatment procedures for sucessful dental implant placement at Delhi Dental Center India.


Everything you need to know about a Sinus Lift


sinus lift procedure is a surgical procedure that, where necessary, is carried out before installing dental implants.

Not everyone needs a sinus lift for a dental implant.

If dental implants are installed soon after a tooth is lost, a sinus lift procedure may be unnecessary but if the tooth has been missing for some time, the procedure could allow an implant to be used in cases where this would not have otherwise been possible.

When is a Sinus Lift needed for Dental Implants?


The short answer to this is that a sinus lift procedure is most usually required when the space to be filled with an implant has been missing a tooth for some time.

When a tooth is lost, over time the tooth socket collapses.

The surrounding bone and tissue begin to disappear, leaving a ridge.

The sinus also expands, which further affects the thickness of the underlying bone.

A dental implant needs to screw into that bone.

If there is not enough bone left, the implant cannot be installed until a sinus lift procedure is carried out.

A sinus lift for a dental implant packs the area with enough material, to replace the lost bone, that the implant can then be firmly secured.



How does a Sinus Lift Procedure work?


There are several methods by which a sinus lift procedure is carried out.

The method required in any given case is decided and discussed with the patient in consultation beforehand.

Most usually, the procedure involves the dentist making an incision in the gum and packing bone graft material into the sinus cavity.

This material then incorporates into the surrounding bone, to form a strong, solid structure suitable for the dental implant to be screwed into.

The implant is not installed immediately after a sinus lift procedure.

Time is allowed between surgeries for the lift to be rested and checked.

Only once the adequate bone density has been achieved will the implant be carried out.

Thinking of getting dental implants?


If you have missing teeth dental implants are a great idea.

As described above, when you lose teeth your jaw bone and tissue begins to disappear and be reabsorbed. Dental implants not only stop this from happening but are also a more secure alternative to dentures.


Sinus Lift After – Care                               


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